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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


” Survival trainings bring us to a level above from our daily-life. Beyond comfort or discomfort, we understand clearly what is really valuable for life.” – LDMF

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. Founder, CEO, R&D Lead & Impact-Lead, of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem (Akademia, Research Institute, Consultants, Start-ups Incubator)


My first outdoors adventures, at the scouts movement, over 3.400 m.o.s. at the South-American Andean ranges, brought me by how raw nature can be, and the thin line between fun and safety.

I did explore at the scouts movement for several years, from adventure, gamified learning, learn-play and 100s of skills that “one day” would be useful outdoors or in life. There is no one day in my life I do not use them. Those skills and experiences helped me travel, survive outdoors, learn, do business, care for social issues, engage into action and care for my family when was needed. I did participate in the scouts movement between 1980 and 1998.

My father was a professional climber, he conquered snow peaks at the Andean range and spent a lot of time in nature as a biologist and university professor. He inspired me to spend most of my time in nature too. Also learning about ancient cultures and civilizations. We will visit archeological sites together from time to time.

Both activities, will become an essential side of my travel and adventure. After university studies, 1996/7 I will, while living abroad traveling :  learn, do business, engage as volunteer, explore natural, cultural and archeological sites, research, support community development,  organize travel gatherings, radio and write. (More about my travels at the Matrix-Q Travel Club Story)

I will also spend a great deal of time in nature. Several times do solo trips, climbing and expeditions to remote locations, where my survival training and skills became extremely valuable.

In particular, the combination between survival technical knowledge and skills, and the ability to master my own body, emotions and mind, while facing challenging or life threatening circumstances.

I appreciate more and more every day the experience i have as yoga, meditation, and martial arts trainer. As i know, a very simple breathing, body awareness or relaxation technique can make a difference, between life and death, outdoors.

Under survival challenges, all in you changes, your hormones, your mind, your emotions, perception, stress. And we should understand those changes with gratitude, as are helpful and useful for us. If we can ride their waves and keep focus, they will create a source of power, clarity, force and endurance needed to overcome any sort of survival challenge.


Since 2000 I provide trainings and advise as consultant, coach, for talents and impact leaders, in NGOs, corporate, start-ups and travel companies.

The best experiences  i had with my students and coaching customers, have been when we engage together in trainings outdoors. From forest bathing (Shinrin-Yoku), yoga, conscious breathing, martial arts, drumming, role play, bow, sword or fitness training outdoors.

One of the most important skills, as for leadership as for survival, is the ability of self-orientation, decision making, realizing own limits and barriers, blind-spots, strengths and learning stages.

In that sense the survival training provides an indirect learning experience, where the same set of skills necessary for leadership will be trained, while learning how to survive outdoors.

Some of the skills that we will learn-play:

Emotional intelligence, attention span, focus, responsiveness, adaptive capacity, intuition, social empathy, perception, body and emotions awareness, body-mind-emotions stress release, non violent communication, collaboration, innovation, learning skills, and much more.

Looking forward to meet you at the bootcamp.